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13 week anomaly scan

M.J.A. Kenkhuis
prof. dr. C.M. Bilardo

Congenital anomalies first trimester ultrasound prenatal diagnosis

Prevalence and determinants of use of regular health care of pregnant women in primary care in the Netherlands: a prospective cohort study

Dr. E.I. Feijen-de Jong
Dr. D.E.M.C. Jansen

primary care Health care utilization

Rapid whole exome sequencing in prenatal genetic diagnostics for ultrasound abnormalities

dr. C.C. van Diemen
dr. H. Westers
drs. K. Bouman
drs. N. Corsten-Jansen

phenotype-genotype study whole exome sequencing prenatal diagnostics

The effect of fetal sex on the maternal immune system during pregnancy.

dr. J.R. Prins
A. Laskewitza

reproductive immunology placenta fetal gender

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