Autologous versus alloplastic breast reconstruction: long-term patient-reported quality-of-life outcomes

Heath-related quality of life

prof.dr. P.M.N. Werker
N. Sadok

Nature of the research:
The BREAST-Q instrument and standardized questionnaires on depression, recurrence concerns, and anxiety will be sent by mail to the participants. In addition, data will be collected on complications and secondary corrections.

Fields of study:
plastic surgery

Background / introduction
Breast reconstruction is an appropriate option offered to women who are diagnosed with breast cancer or gene mutations. It may be accomplished with implants or autologous procedures. This cross-sectional study is a sequal to a previously performed study at our department and will evaluate the long-term satisfaction and quality of life in addition to complications and secondary corrections in women after autologous or alloplastic (implant) breast reconstruction.
Research question / problem definition
- What is the long-term (9 to 15 year) quality of life after breast reconstruction?
- Does the quality of life decrease in the long term, does it increase, or does it remain stable?
- Are long-term changes in quality of life explained by late complications such as capsular contracture?

Which breast is the best? Successful autologous or alloplastic breast reconstruction: patient-reported quality-of-life outcomes.
Eltahir Y1, Werners LL, Dreise MM, Zeijlmans van Emmichoven IA, Werker PM, de Bock GH.
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Laatst gewijzigd: 23 februari 2012