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Researchers of the UMCG can propose new research projects for students of the studies Medicine and / or Dentistry with the application form below. You don't have to be a known researcher at JSM to apply for proposing a (new) research project.

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MD/PhD programme

The MD/PhD programme consists of two academic years of the Master’s stage of the regular medical degree programme combined with two years of scientific research (with additional funding); a 2+2 year programme . The MD/PhD programme provides an opportunity – unique in the Netherlands – for students to combine their basic medical or dental training with a PhD research project in a challenging and efficient way. The programme can be carried out in a number of different ways; it is very flexible. en een periode van twee extra jaren (medisch-)wetenschappelijk onderzoek (gefinancierd door het UMCG).

Pilot project (year 2 or 3)

A Pilot project is an uninterrupted period (one to several months) of research conducted within one of the four institutes (GUIDE, BCN, SHARE and Kolff Institute) of the UMCG’s Graduate School Medical Sciences. During this period, students gain practical and technical research expertise and experience the day-to-day reality of doing research. Students can, for example, conduct research for a PhD student and work on all aspects of performing research (eg. data collection, analysis etc.), which could result in a co-authorship.

Stage Wetenschap / Researchproject

De Stage Wetenschap is wetenschappelijk onderzoeksproject. De student zet het project zelfstandig op, voert het uit en verwerkt de eruit voortvloeiende gegevens in een wetenschappelijk verslag, met als doel de gehele cyclus van wetenschappelijk onderzoek tenminste eenmaal te hebben doorlopen en doorleefd. De Stage Wetenschap maakt deel uit van de bekwaamheid "Omgaan met Wetenschap". De stage, een periode van tenminste 20 aaneengesloten weken full-time praktisch werk, kan plaatsvinden binnen een (academische) instelling in Nederland of in het buitenland.

TTT project (year 1)

Besides studying medicine or dentistry, students are shown what research is done at a research department and they perform their own small research project for a few weeks. The student is supervised by a third year student (performing a Pilot Project) or an MD/PhD-student. At the end of the project the results are published in a report which is similar to a scientific abstract. This report is judged by the JSM Programme Group. The supervisor provides the JSM Programme Group a supervision report.
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