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Adverse side-effects of antidepressants: are all patients at the same risk?

Prof. dr. M.Y. Berger
dr. H. Burger
prof. dr. R.A. Schoevers
S.M. van Belkum
prof.dr. ND Scherpbier

antidepressants Personalized medicine adverse side effects

Improving PRoSPECTs of recovery during mental health treatment.

prof. dr. R.A. Schoevers
dr. H. Riese
drs. S.H. Booij

diagnostics Personalized medicine qualitative research

The incidence of contralateral breast cancer in women with a BRCA1/2 mutation: the role of family history

Prof. dr. G.H. de Bock
L. Jansen
Dr. J.C. Oosterwijk
Dr. B. van der Vegt

breast cancer BRCA1/2 Personalized medicine

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