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Lifestyle and Quality of Life in cancer patients treated with immunotherapy

Prof. dr. G.H. de Bock
Drs. P.C. Vinke

epidemiology immunotherapy lifestyle

Multidomein leefstijlinterventie ter preventie van cognitieve achteruitgang en kwantitatief onderzoek naar modificeerbare risicofactoren voor dementie binnen de Lifelines studie.

dr. N. Smidt

lifestyle Cognition cognitive decline

Nutrition in kidney patients: are sustainable diets also healthy?

prof. dr. S.J.L. Bakker
Dr. E. Corpeleijn
Elise de Boer

transplantation nutrition lifestyle

Which lifestyle and environmental factors are involved in disease course of inflammatory bowel disease?

prof. dr. G. Dijkstra
B.Z. Alizadeh
K.W.J. van der Sloot

ulcerative colitis lifestyle Crohn's disease

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