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Most recent projects

Pregnancy and stoma outcomes after stoma surgery for inflammatory bowel disease. [copy]
prof. dr. G. Dijkstra, dr. M.C. Visschedijk en mw DG (Dianne) Bouwknegt
Barriers and enablers to implementation of Group perinatal care for refugee women.
I.R. Postma, Dr. E.I. Feijen-de Jong, J. Stekelenburg en A.E.H. Verschuuren
DNA methylation-based sarcoma classification and therapy prediction
Dr. J.J. de Haan, Prof dr A.K.L. Reyners en A.H.G. Cleven
Effectiveness and safety of electroconvulsive therapy and its predictors
B.C.M. Haarman, S.M. van Belkum, J.G. Warning en M. Vischjager
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