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Resilience in dialysis

dialysis Multimorbidity Resilience

prof. dr. A.V. Ranchor
Dr. B.C. van Munster
CFM Franssen
A Özyilmaz
Y Vermeeren

Type of project:
Stage Wetenschap / Research project

Nature of the research:
Prospective cohort study

Fields of study:
psychiatry nephrology geriatrics

Background / introduction
Older patients, especially frail older patients or patients with multimorbidity are at risk for negative health outcomes. Aging researchers have recently called for a focus on resilience as a new approach to explaining such outcomes. Resilience is how well a person can adapt to events in their life and can be seen as a psychological and physical construct. Dialysis is a major life event with high impact on those 2 domains. Linking psychological and physical subsystems, can provide insight into dynamic interactions involved in a resilient response.
Research question / problem definition
1. Is there a correlation between physical resilience and psychological resilience in a hemodialysis population?
2. What are the discriminating characteristics of patients that are resilient either psychological, physical or both?
You will include hemodialysis patients in the Dialyse Centrum Groningen and the UMCG or Gelre Hospital Apeldoorn. Dialysis recovery time will be determined as measure for physical resilience. You will take questionnaires and perform physical measurements before, and after dialysis. Patients will be asked to fill in a diary about their fatigue and will be called daily about their symptoms. Baseline characteristics about functional status and multimorbidity will be collected. Psychological resilience will be determined by the Brief Resilience Scale and the perceptions of control.
You will calculate the correlation between dialysis recovery time and the Brief Resilience Scale. In a multivariate analysis you will adjust for possible confounding factors. You will write a report on the results, which can be optionally submitted for publication in a scientific journal.
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