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Meest recente projecten

De invloed van bacteriën op intestinale wondheling en chirurgische complicaties.
dr. K. Havenga, dr.ir. H.J.M. Harmsen en J.B. van Praagh
The clinical impact of 18F-FES-PET in breast cancer patients
dr. E.F.J. de Vries, Dr. A.W.J.M. Glaudemans, Prof. dr. G.A.P. Hospers, dr. C.P. Schröder en drs. J. Boers
Imaging to guide treatment decisions in patients with primary and secondary brain tumours.
prof. dr. R.A. Dierckx, dr. A van der Hoorn en dr. R.H. Enting
The development and evaluation of a smart inhaler in asthma patients
Dr. J.W.H. Kocks, drs. E. Metting en drs. S.J. van de Hei
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