Project details


Decisions in primary care regarding diagnostic measures and therapy recommendations for UTI.

Interviews primary care urinary tract infection

dr. M.H. Blanker
Dr. H. van der Worp
Aida Bedri

Type of project:
Stage Wetenschap / Researchproject

Nature of the research:
Qualitative study with interviews

Fields of study:
GP medicine microbiology

Background / introduction
TRACE-UTI is a cross-border subproject of CHARE-GD I (Comparison of healthcare structures, processes and outcomes in the German and Dutch cross-border region). As part of this project, qualitative interviews will be conducted with general practitioners from the northern German-Dutch cross-border region to compare in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with urinary tract infections (UTI).
Research question / problem definition
The aim is to determine the context of the decisions in practice regarding diagnostic measures and therapy recommendations for UTI, including the use of antibiotics, in non-pregnant women in Germany and the Netherlands. Furthermore, the adherence to the clinical practice guideline will also be explored. Approximately 10 interviews have to be conducted on each side of the border until data saturation is reached.
Main Tasks:
-Planning and conducting interviews with Dutch general practitioners
-Coding the interviews
-Assist in making a cross-border comparison
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