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Influence of particle size in minced autologous cartilage implantation

regeneration cartilage joint

dr. P.K. Sharma
H.C. van der Veen

Type of project:
Pilot project (year 2 or 3), Stage Wetenschap / Researchproject of MD/PhD programme

Nature of the research:

Fields of study:
biomaterials orthopedics

Background / introduction
Cartilage defects predispose to development of osteoarthritis especially in the knee joint. Mincing cartilage is a promising technique in treating these defects.
Research question / problem definition
Does the particle size influence the ingrowth capacity of minced cartilage in an in vitro cartilage defect model
Bovine cartilage taken from 2 year old bull knees will be used for all the experiments. Osteochondral plugs will be prepared with and without a circular chondral defect. Cartilage harvested from elsewhere from the same knee joint will be minced at different particle sized and filled in the gap with or without the fibrin glue. The plug will be cultured at 37 degrees and a relevant medium for 14 days and then at 1, 7 and 14 days the cartilage will be inspected with histology and immunohistochemical staining for cartilage relevant ECM components i.e. collagen and proteoglycans. Gene expression will also be studied if necessary.
Yet another variable will be studied where the cartilage will be loaded in a bioreactor both for normal and shear forces. And the effect on cartilage wound healing will be determined.
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