Project details


Data collection for postoperative live music intervention study

music intervention postoperative pain neuroinflammation

dr. B.L. van Leeuwen
drs. H. van der Wal- Huisman
E.E. Harding.

Type of project:
Stage Wetenschap / Researchproject

Nature of the research:
This research aims to compare pain VAS (primary endpoint) and behavioral and neurophysiological markers of neuroinflammation (secondary endpoints) among post-surgical patients in three intervention groups: live music, recorded music, and care-as-usual.

Fields of study:
anesthesiology surgery gynaecology

Background / introduction
Music intervention is known from the literature to help reduce postoperative pain that patients experience [1,2]. However we do not know how live music compares to recorded music in terms of effectiveness for patient outcomes, nor do we understand the physiological mechanisms involved in music mitigating experienced pain.
Research question / problem definition
Do live music and recorded music comparably reduce the experience of postoperative pain?
Does neuroinflammation play a role in this process?
We have established data collection plans in June and July 2022. The student would need to be available for these weeks. Students must be able to communicate with patients in Dutch. Experience with EEG and taking blood samples is a plus.
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