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Developing a worldwide usable open access COPD historical control database for bronchoscopic treatments

emphysema Historical controls

dr. D.J. Slebos
Dr. J.E. Hartman

Nature of the research:
Epidemiological retrospective database development

Fields of study:

Background / introduction
In the past decade several new bronchoscopic lung volume reduction treatment options were developed for patients with severe emphysema. These treatments include the bronchoscopic lung volume reduction treatment using endobronchial valves or coils. In the development of these treatments multiple randomized-controlled-trials were performed in which control group patients were included which were followed for 6-12 months without being treatment. Up to date, control-group data is available of approximately 600 patients. Currently, for the development of new treatments for the same patient group often new randomized controlled trials are performed in which patients need to wait 6- 12 months before undergoing the treatment.
Research question / problem definition
Instead of including control group patients in each new clinical trial, it would be useful if historical control group data could be used in the early stages of the development of a new treatment which included the same patient group.
The aim of this project to develop a database with the data of the approximately 600 control group patients currently available. Furthermore, to investigate the change in clinical outcomes in these group over time and whether this database could be used for future research.
The student will develop the historical control group database, perform a review of the literature whether this kind of database can be used for future research and investigate the change in clinical outcomes during the follow up period in this patient population.
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