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Prediction model for identifying ISM patients within the HVA population

mastocytosis hymenoptera venom allergy

J.N.G. Oude Elberink
M.C. Onnes

Nature of the research:
Database research

Fields of study:

Background / introduction
Wasp venom allergy (WVA) is a potentially life threatening condition. A group of patients with WVA suffer from an underlying condition called mastocytosis. In these patients reactions are generally more severe, and unfortunately their response to treatment is lower and non-durable, meaning treatment should be continued lifelong. Therefore, identification of these patients within the WVA population is essential. Hence, we perform bone marrow biopsies to confirm or exclude mastocytosis.
Research question / problem definition
As bone marrow biopsies are painful procedures for patients, we aim to reduce the number of biopsies by developing a prediction model for mastocytosis in the WVA population based on clinical and biochemical characteristics.
To develop this model, characteristics of mastocytosis and non-mastocytosis patients should be inventoried and assessed. We are looking for a medical bachelor student who wants to do a TTT-project or Pilot Project. You will assist in data extraction from patient files and databases. After extraction you will perform statistical analyses under the supervision of a PhD candidate and write your own report.
If you are interested participation in other research projects is also possible, as is extension of the project into a scientific clerkship or MD/PhD programme.
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