Project details


CONNECARE - a feasibility pilot of smart-device implementation in the surgical ward

elderly patients e-health postoperative complications

dr. B.L. van Leeuwen
drs. M. Plas
dr. M.M.H. Lahr

Nature of the research:
Feasibility pilot study

Fields of study:
surgery epidemiology oncology

Background / introduction
Improving the quality of postoperative care with smart-devices, with special focus on post-operative care, may contribute to accelerated recovery, health care efficiency and better complication monitoring, which in turn may reduce health care costs in surgical patients. Howevery, feasibility of a novel smart, adaptive integrated care system to monitor surgical patients should be investigated before implementation.
Research question / problem definition
Primary Objective: To investigate feasibility of a novel smart, adaptive integrated care system in surgical patients in the postoperative period during hospital admission.

Secondary Objective: To investigate associations between objectively measured physical activity using smart devices and nutritional status, quality of life, mental and physical health, frailty, anxiety and depression, peroperative characteristics and complication rate.
The Connecare feasibility pilot is a prospective observational trial with 30 days follow-up. All testings will be performed in a clinical setting. Patients are allocated to the pilot group upon admission to the hospital.
The patients will be using a personalized ICT-supported integrated care management system and will be monitored during their admission by smart devices. Furthermore, patients will fulfill some questionnaires during admission.
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