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Brain atrophy is in the eye of the beholder.

psychosis brain retina

I.E.C. Sommer

Nature of the research:
clinical study with patients who experienced a psychosis, personals interviews and MRI and retina measurements

Fields of study:
neurology ophthalmology psychiatry

Background / introduction
Patients with schizophrenia-spectrum disorders can have very good (complete recovery) or very poor (institutionalization) recovery. This study follows patients after their first psychosis up for 7 years to study effects of treatment on their prognosis.
Research question / problem definition
we know that early brain atrophy is an important predictor of poor outcome. however, the retina is also part of the CNS and retinal cortical thickness is assessed much easier than cerebral atrophy. this study will measure both retinal and cerebral atrophy and investigate their correlation.
patients are interviewed and assessed with MRI and retinal measurements after recovery from their first psychosis. they are then followed-up for 7 years and assessments are repeated annually
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