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Excellence by teaching strategy: autonomy and structure for every student

medical education Honours education Self - Determination Theory

Dr. J.M. van der Mark
Dr. J. Schönrock-Adema
L.R. Smids

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Sociale Geneeskunde Sociale Geneeskunde Sociale Geneeskunde

Background / introduction
Teaching in honours programmes calls for other teaching strategies than teaching in regular education programmes. The current study focuses on how to tailor teaching strategies to students‘ needs for autonomy and structure to support their learning processes optimally. The aims of this study are mainly to explore the preferences and needs of students in regular and honours programmes and to investigate how these preferences for autonomy and structure may relate to their personal characteristics.
Research question / problem definition
What characterizes honours students and what are their preferences for autonomy and structure to optimally flourish?
How do teachers connect to these needs when guiding the students?
Not yet known
Vermunt, J.D., & Verloop, N. (1999). Congruence and friction between learning and teaching. Learning and Instruction, 9, 257-280.

Wolfensberger, M. V. C. (2012). Teaching for Excellence. Honors Pedagogies Revealed. Waxmann, Münster.
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