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Title Competencies of Dutch MD’s Global Health and Tropical Medicine and impact on the Dutch health care system during the SARS-COV-2 pandemic II
Keywords global health competency development Postgraduate Medical Education
Researchers drs. M.A.C. Versluis
Prof. dr. A.D.C. Jaarsma
J. de Zeeuw
Nature of the research This project is a prospective, qualitative cohort study using semi structured interviews.
Fields of study health sciences tropical medicine
Background / introduction
In The Netherlands, medical doctors can specialize in Global Health and Tropical Medicine (MD-GHTM). MD-GHTM are trained as a generalist doctor who can be employed worldwide. Traditionally the program enabled doctors to execute necessary clinical skills in a low resource setting.(1) Over time, focus broadened to Global and Public Health. As of 2012, MD-GHTH are registered as a specialist in the Dutch registration for medical specialists (RGS) after a residency program of 27 months. This specialization is unique in the world.

After specialization many MD-GHTM work abroad or elsewhere within global health. The experience they gain during their training and work can be of added value to health care systems both in the Netherlands and abroad. Currently the impact of MD-GHTM on the Dutch health care system is a topic of interest and research projects are in progress. The experience gained by MD GHTM during their training and work abroad can be of value to health care systems in high income setting.

During the SARS-COV-2 outbreak some MD-GHTM were repatriated and deployed in Dutch hospitals. Recently, MD-GHTM were recruited to participate in a qualitative study to investigate their impact on the Dutch health care system. Several competencies were identified that were developed during their training and work abroad. Although these competencies were considered important by the MD-GHTM, the perspective of health care workers that worked with the MD-GHTM is unknown. This perspective is an important to validate the value of experience gained by MD-GHTM for health care systems.

This project is a prospective, qualitative cohort study using semi structured interviews. Health care workers and supervisors that have worked with MD GHTM during the SARS-COV-2 outbreak will be asked to participate. Informed consent will be obtained and data will anonymized before analysis. Thematic analysis will be used for analysis. The study is approved as a non-WMO study.
Research question / problem definition
What experience is gained by Medical Doctors specialized in International Health and Tropical Medicine and what is the impact on the Dutch healh care system as perceived by other health care workers.
- Week 1-3; reading up, familiarizing with the topic and the research team
- Week 2-8; recruitment, interview training, preparing interviews
- Week 5-15; performing interviews
- Week 6-18 transcribing and analyzing interviews
- Week 10-20 writing and finallizing the research project
1. Opleidingsinstituut Internationale Gezondheidszorg en Tropengeneeskunde. INFO - Trainers Abroad [Internet]. 2018 [cited 2020 April 17]. Available from: https://www.oigt.nl/?opleidersbuitenland
2. https://www.oigt.nl/
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