Cardiac complications in oncologic patients

cardiology cancer Cardiovascular toxicity

Prof. R.A. de Boer
V. Bracun

Nature of the research:
Data collection, epidemiological and clinical research

Fields of study:
haematology oncology cardiology

Background / introduction
As a result of increased survival rates and prolonged life expectancy of cancer patients, cardiotoxicity emerged as a significant complication of many cancer treatments. Due to the extensive diversity of old and new cancer treatments, and their combination used in clinical practice, it has become extremely challenging to predict, prevent and even diagnose cardiotoxicity promptly. For that reason Cardio-Oncology emerged as a new discipline, bridging the necessary expertise between oncology/hematology and cardiology.
At UMCG we’ve opened a Cardio-Oncology outpatient clinic to support cancer treatment while protecting the heart at the same time. Consequently, we have acquired several patients with and without cardiac events, to study possible cardiac complications of specific cancer treatments. Furthermore, we aim to analyze cardiovascular risk factors that could potentially increase cardiotoxicity risk.
Research question / problem definition
1. What cardiac complications are to be expected by certain cancer treatments?
2. What role play cardiovascular risk factors in cardiotoxicity?
3. Which biomarkers could be useful to promptly diagnose cardiotoxicity?
We are looking for an enthusiastic student with an affinity for oncology, cardiology, and epidemiology. We offer a unique opportunity to gain experience in both clinical and scientific research. Patient information is continuously being collected and the student will be in charge of enriching the database with clinical data. If interested, the student can also experience day-to-day life in the clinics, as well as the research department.
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