Pregnancy and kidney disease

kidney pregnancy

dr. J.R. Prins
M. de Jong

Nature of the research:
Systematic approach in women with kidney disease and pregnancies.

Fields of study:
obstetrics nephrology

Background / introduction
Women with chronic kidney disease, including women with a kidney transplant, have higher risks of complicated pregnancy outcomes. This includes complications of pregnancy such as preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction, but also deterioration of maternal kidney function. During pregnancy many physiological adaptations take place in the mother. The kidneys are involved in these adaptations, but are also subject to these adaptations. Therefore understanding the effects of pregnancy on kidney function, risk factors associated with kidney function, and determining the pathophysiological processes involved in these adaptations is important. We aim to investigate different perspectives: histological, immunological and clinical.
Research question / problem definition
In this study we aim to address the factors associated with pregnancy and kidney function which determine pregnancy and kidney outcome.
In this project we will use multiple approaches to correlate kidney function and pregnancy outcome. This will include the (systematic) review of literature, retrospective data analysis, and laboratory analysis (mainly analysis of immune factors using techniques as flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry and PCR).
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