Effects of anesthetics on postoperative outcome

immunology anesthesiology postoperative outcome

Dr. D.J. Bosch
dr. B.L. van Leeuwen
Prof. dr. A.R. Absalom
G. Nieuwenhuijs

Nature of the research:

Fields of study:
anesthesiology surgery oncology

Background / introduction
For a joint project with the department of Surgical Oncology and Anesthesiology, we are looking for enthusiastic students who wants to follow a scientific project (pilot project, pilot project or scientific internship) in our research group.

An increasing body of evidence shows that the choice of anesthetic can strongly influence more than simply the quality of anesthesia. The effects of anesthetics on postoperative complications, cognition and oncological survival will be investigated from an existing database, which needs to be supplemented. The prospective database, which is part of the PICNIC and PICNIC be-happy study, is led by Prof. B.L. van Leeuwen (surgical oncology) and Prof. A.R. Absalom (anesthesiology). Different scientific research questions can be answered, in which the student can indicate his own preference. Possible research questions consist of:

1. Is there a relationship between anesthetic technique and postoperative complications?
2. Is there a relationship between anesthetic technique and oncological survival?
2. What is the impact of anesthesia on postoperative delirium and what is the association with cognition at 3 months?
3. Association of frailty with inflammaging: preoperative frailty and preoperative interleukins / cells immune system
4. What is the impact of frailty transition on long term mortality
Research question / problem definition
This project has the potential to be expanded to a MD-PhD trajectory in which a more molecular part (inflammation and development of pain) and a randomized intervention study can be implemented.
What we can offer
- participation in a multidisciplinary (anesthesiology, surgery, immunology) research group
- data collection, data entry and coordination of follow-up
- possibility to develop related research questions in your own field of interest
- developing of writing skills and possibility to publish in international scientific journals
- development of presentation skills by presenting data on international meetings
- support of the research agency of the department of Anesthesiology/Surgery

What we are looking for
An independent student with:
- coordination and cooperation skills
- an analytical mind
- writing skills are a pre.
- mastering the Dutch and English language
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