Quality of Life and life style in ADPKD

health-related quality of life adpkd

Prof. dr. R.T. Gansevoort
E. Meijer
M. van Gastel

Nature of the research:
Observational study

Fields of study:
Sociale Geneeskunde internal medicine nephrology

Background / introduction
ADPKD is the most frequent hereditary kidney disease. Patients develop cysts in their kidney and ultimately develop kidney failure. Although increasing knowledge of the underlying pathophysiology had led to identification of potential targets for pharmacologic therapy, not much is known about life style factors influencing the disease course. Another subject that deserves attention in this population is their quality of life
Research question / problem definition
to investigate influence of life style factore (smoking, alcohol, BMI) on kidney growth and change in eGFR and to investigate quality of life by questionnaires
measurement of total kidney volume on MRI
processing of questionnaires
statistical analyses.

Of note: we have a well phenotyped, national cohort of ADPKD patients, consisting of 10% of the total ADPKD population in the Netherlands. If the student is interested, there are numerous possibilities for further research in our research group
1. Bart J Kramers , Iris W Koorevaar , Joost P H Drenth , Johan W de Fijter , Antonio Gomes Neto , Dorien J M Peters , Priya Vart , Jack F Wetzels , Robert Zietse , Ron T Gansevoort , Esther Meijer Salt, but not protein intake, is associated with accelerated disease progression in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease. Kidney Int 2020
2. Meijer E, Visser FW, van Aerts RMM, Blijdorp CJ, Casteleijn NF, D'Agnolo HMA, Dekker SEI, Drenth JPH, de Fijter JW, van Gastel MDA, Gevers TJ, Lantinga MA, Losekoot M, Messchendorp AL, Neijenhuis MK, Pena MJ, Peters DJM, Salih M, Soonawala D, Spithoven EM, Wetzels JF, Zietse R, Gansevoort RT. Effect of Lanreotide on Kidney Function in Patients With Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease: The DIPAK 1 Randomized Clinical Trial. ; JAMA. 2018 Nov 20;320(19):2010-2019.
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