Postoperative neuroinflammatory responses in patients who received 'Meaningful Music in Health Care' (MiMiC) music intervention

postoperative complications music intervention

dr. B.L. van Leeuwen
drs. H. van der Wal- Huisman
E.E. Harding.

Nature of the research:
We wish to determine whether music intervention mitigates the neuroinflammatory response after surgery.

Fields of study:
surgery immunology

Background / introduction
A recent dataset from a UMCG project has already shown us that a postoperative, live-music intervention reduces patients’ perception of pain up for at least three hours after the intervention (article published at Our follow-up research question is, did patients who received this intervention also display a lower incidence of (severe) complications in the 30 days after surgery?
Research question / problem definition
Does a postoperative music intervention reduce the incidence of surgical complications?
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