Patient-centered asthma management questionnaire (PCAMQ)

asthma Pulmonary Focus groups

Dr. C. de Jong

Nature of the research:
Focus groups - qualitative analysis - thesis writing

Fields of study:
GP medicine pulmonology

Background / introduction
Successful asthma control is still limited in daily clinical practice despite the availability of effective treatments. Many patient appear to rely in their short acting bronchodilators for management of their asthma due to the immediate effects, rather than the treatment of the underlying inflammation by inhaled corticosteroids. Exacerbations, impaired quality of life, increased healthcare utilization and reduced productivity are often the result of poor asthma control. To improve asthma control optimal use of available therapies is necessary. Insight in factors that play a role in adherence to asthma medication (SABA and ICS/LABA) will help healthcare professionals provide support and management targeted at the individual level which may benefit adherence.

During the research focus groups are performed using a semi-structured topic guide covering the domains of the Necessity Concerns Framework. In the Netherlands this research is already completed, but France and Spain these focus groups are being run. The data from these focusgroups needs to be analyzed and compared to the Dutch data. The focus will be on differences and similarities between the countries.
Research question / problem definition
The aim of this research is to gather insight in factors that play a role in adherence to asthma medication in France and Spain, and compare these to the Dutch data.
The student will analyze the data from the focus groups from Spain and France (who have been translated to English), investigate the differences between the countries and write a thesis about it.
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