Infant development: collecting norm data for two novel assessments [copy]

neurodevelopmental impairment infant development infant assessment

Prof. dr. M. Hadders-Algra
Dr. K.R. Heineman

Nature of the research:
Large cross-sectional study of the general population of infants

Fields of study:
pediatrics neurology

Background / introduction
Recently two neurodevelopmental assessments have been developed: the Infant Motor Profile (IMP) and the Standardized Infant NeuroDevelopmental Assessment (SINDA). The IMP assesses infant motor behaviour and assists in high risk infants tailor-made physical therapy guidance and prediction of developmental outcome. SINDA assists general paediatricians to detect at early age infants at risk for neurodevelopmental disorders. From January 2017 we start to collect norm data for both assessments. This allows for the investigation of the association between neurological condition (SINDA) and motor development (IMP).
Research question / problem definition
Are prenatal, perinatal and neonatal risk factors associated with poor outcome measured with the SINDA or with the IMP?
In January 2017 we started to collect the data for the norms study, for which 1700 infants aged 2 to 18 months have to assessed with the IMP and SINDA. Currently, October 2018 we have assessed about 1250 infants.
The IMP assesses the quality of spontaneous motor behaviour on the basis of a video-recording of this behaviour. It evaluates motor behaviour in five domains (variation and adaptability, symmetry, fluency and performance). SINDA consists of three subscales, a neurological, a developmental and a socio-emotional scale. During the project, the student will get a large experience in assessing infants. In addition standardized information on prenatal, perinatal, neonatal and social data is collected. Associations between risk factors in early life and aspects of IMP and SINDA are analysed.
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