Venous thromboembolism risk in critically ill patients: development and validation of a risk prediction model

thrombosis hematology, cancer, critical care, outcome

Dr. I.C.C. van der Horst
R.J. Eck

Nature of the research:
Prospective observational cohort study. This study is conducted in thedepartment of critical care of the UMCG as part of a larger registry.

Fields of study:
intensive care haematology

Background / introduction
Venous thromboembolism (VTE), including both deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, is a frequent cause of morbidity and mortality. The population of critically ill patients is a heterogeneous group of patients with an overall high average risk of developing VTE but with large interindividual differences. No prognostic model has been developed for estimating individual risk in critically ill patients.

Our aim is to construct and validate a risk assessment model for predicting the risk of in-hospital VTE in critically ill patients.
Research question / problem definition
1. To develop and internally validate a risk assessment model for predicting the risk of in-hospital VTE in critically ill patients
2. To externally validate this new model
All critically ill patients who are acutely admitted to the department of critical care of the UMCG are prospectively included in the SICS-II registry in which clinical, biochemical and imaging data are collected in a structured fashion. This includes data on VTE risk factors and VTE outcome data.

We are looking for a bachelor of medicine student who is willing to do a JSM pilot project. If you are willing to join our research group, you will assist with data extraction from patient files. After extraction is complete, you will perform statistical analyses under the supervision of a PhD candidate and write your own report. Depending on the course of the project and your motivation, participation in other reaserch activities is possible, as is extension of the project into a scientific clerkship.
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Hiemstra B, Eck RJ, Koster G, et al. Clinical examination, critical care ultrasonography and outcomes in the critically ill: cohort profile of the Simple Intensive Care Studies-I. BMJ Open 2017
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