Treatment goals of acutely hospitalized older adults with multiple chronic conditions

Multimorbidity Treatment goals Older adults

Dr. B.C. van Munster
M. Verhoeff

Type of project:
Stage Wetenschap / Researchproject

Nature of the research:
Subproject of the prospective cohort study ‘Seniorlines’.

Fields of study:
internal medicine geriatrics

Background / introduction
The prevalence of patients with multiple chronic conditions is rising, due to the aging population. (1,2) Patients with multiple chronic conditions have more functional disabilities and lower quality of life. (3) Moreover, having multiple chronic conditions is associated with a higher risk of hospitalization. (4) Whereas “feeling better” and “recovery” are most likely goals for every hospitalized patient, older adults with multiple chronic conditions who are acutely admitted to the hospital might have other underlying concerns. Their experience with chronic illnesses, hospitalizations or functional disabilities might have changed their view on their health, health-related values and coinciding care goals. (5) In order to improve the quality of care for patients with multiple chronic conditions, eliciting care goals is considered to be essential. (6)
This research aims to gain insight into which treatment goals are named by acutely admitted older adults with multiple chronic conditions and to compare these goals to treatment goals set by older adults without multiple chronic conditions. Furthermore, it aims to investigate whether the hospitalization contributed to reaching these treatment goals.
Research question / problem definition
Which treatment goals are set by older adults with multiple chronic conditions?
Which treatment goals are set by older adults without multiple chronic conditions?
Did the hospitalization contribute to reaching the treatment goals?
You will help collecting and processing data for the Seniorlines cohort. With help of the researchers, you will develop a plan for analyzing the data for these research questions, after familiarizing with the dataset. You will write a scientific report, with a chance of co-publication.
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