Implementation and evaluations of a self-management app in asthma and COPD patients

primary care Ehealth self-management

drs. E. Metting
dr. M.M.H. Lahr

Nature of the research:
Feasibility study

Fields of study:
health sciences GP medicine pulmonology

Background / introduction
Asthma and COPD are prevalent diseases in primary care. These require ongoing self-management. eHealth can support patients in self-management. We are developing an app for patients in an European project called CONNECARE ( This app is ready for feasibility testing.
Research question / problem definition
We want to know if patients can work with the app. And we will evaluate changes in QoL, asthma control and COPD health status before and after use of the app.
You will support the researchers in patient recruitment, you need to help patients to start the application and you will evaluate the feasibility and baseline data.
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