Prevalence and determinants of use of regular health care of pregnant women in primary care in the Netherlands: a prospective cohort study

primary care Health care utilization

Dr. E.I. Feijen-de Jong
Dr. D.E.M.C. Jansen

Nature of the research:
Quantitative public health research. Data for this study will be obtained from the Deliver study (Dutch acronym for ‘data primary care delivery’) conducted by the Department of Midwifery Science of the VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam. The Deliver study is a descriptive study that aimed to provide information about midwifery care organization, accessibility of midwifery care, and the quality of primary midwifery care in the Netherlands.

Fields of study:
health sciences obstetrics

Background / introduction
It is known that, in addition to the maternal care provided by midwives and obstetricians, pregnant women contact their GPs an average of almost 4 times during pregnancy and postpartum. Of pregnant women, 9.4% also visits complementary and alternative care providers. Next to that, we know that pregnant women are more often referred to other healthcare professionals compared to non-pregnant women. However, we do not know which regular health care providers pregnant women visit and to what account. The aim of this research is therefore, to gain insight into health care utilisation and the determinants of this use of pregnant women towards regular health care providers. Information about this can provide a context for the collaboration and communication between various services and professionals.
Research question / problem definition
Examining the prevalence and determinants of use of regular health care providers by low risk pregnant women in the Netherlands
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